Lammas Indoors

I met with Emma at Lammas today. I have just got to amend my "protocols" to fit their format and then we should be able to start. I have booked Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings and afternoons through to March. If you are interested please contact me. We are limited to only 18 members per session. The cost should be around £4.00


    October 200 Club Draw

Our Treasurer John Hallows made the draw today

£25.00 Kathrine Henshaw

£10.00 Eleanor Lake

£5.00 Fiona Edwards

Mel Savidge, Garry Watkinson and Lynne Morrow were the winners of The Closing of the Green Competition. 

Thanks to Eleanor, Hazel and Jacqueline for providing the cakes and Fiona for serving the teas.

The September 200 Club draw was made by Jane Sanderson.

1. Hazel

2. Richard Chubb

3. Aidan Harkin

Team 11 should be David Drew not Barry Withers.

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