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Lettings and Bookings

The clubhouse is available for a minimum two-hour let, or part thereof, at the following rates:

Monday - Friday Two hour minimum






Let extension, per hour or part thereof:


Additional Extras (Per Let)


AV Projector


AV Screen




Licensed Bar 12.00 - 23:00

Bar staff £15.00 per hour


£ Price on request


£20 per let is required on booking, the balance payable on receipt of final invoice

For further information please contact

[email protected]


Tel: The Lettings Manager, Glenmore Slack 01623627031

Click below to open the booking form for more details, terms and condition

Please return the form to: Glenmore Slack

Lettings Manager MBC


a. Fresh Salmon, Game Pie, Roast Beef, Ham cornets, Stuffed Turkey, Garlic Mushrooms, Asparagus rolls, Scotch eggs, Pate, Dip, Savoury flan, Coleslaw, Potoato salad, Savoury rice, Stuffed celery, Waldorf salad, Selection of salads, relishes, Buttered Rolls, Fresh fruit salad, Raspberry Pavlova, Cassata slice, Charlotte Russe, Rum truffles, Banana roulade, Cheese board


b. Fresh salmon, Roast Beef, Stuffed chicken, Sliced ham, Asparagus rolls, Scotch eggs, Sausage rolls, Pork pie, Coleslaw, Potato salad, Stuffed celerey, Quiche, Savory rice, Cheese straws, Salads and relishes, Crisps and savouries, buttered rolls, Fresh fruit salad, Pavlova, Cheesecake, Chocolate roulade, Cream horns, cheeseborad.


c. Roast beef, Sliced Ham, Roast pork, Chicken drumsticks, Fish platter, Cheese and pineapple, Scotch eggs, Sausage rolls, Pork pie, Vol au vents, Coleslaw, Stuffed celery, Cheese straws, Potato salad, Cheese and onion pie, Savoury rice, Salad, Pickles, Crisps and savouries, buttered rolls. Fresh fruit salad, Cheesecake, Sherry trifle, Profiteroles, cheese board.

£ 9.50

d. Roast beef, sliced ham, Chicken drumsticks, Scotch eggs, Pork pie, Sausage Rolls, Quiche, Cheese and pineapple, Potato salad, Coleslaw, Savoury rice, Salad, Crisps and savouries, Pickles, Cheese straws and buttered rolls. Sherry trifle, Fruit pie, Gateaux, Cakes and fancies.


e. FINGER BUFFET- Beef/Ham/Chicken sandwiches, Salmon/Cheese/Egg open rolls, Cheese and Onion pi, Sausage rolls, Vol au vents, Stuffed celery, Cheese scones, Pork pie, Crisps, Savouries and pickles. Small cakes and fancies.


f. DELIVERY ONLY- Chicken drumsticks, Ham/Beef/Chicken sandwiches, Salmon/Egg/Cheese open rolls, Cheese and onion pie, Quiche, Sausage rolls, Cheese scones, Pork pie, Vol au vents, Cocktail sausages, Pickles, Crisps and savouries. Sherry trifle and Gateaux.


NOTE Waitress service for all meals except (f.) DELIVERY ONLY china plates and cutlery for all meals where disposable plates and cloths are provide.