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A huge thank you must go to Mansfield Building Society's Community Support Scheme for the donation of £800.00 towards the cost of the new steps which we will be using next season to enable safe access to the green.

Thanks to Mel for these pictures taken at the Christmas Party on Tuesday.

Eleanor, Hazel and the catering team produced a fabulous buffet with lots of support from the members. The  three hampers donated by the members helped to raise £300.00 for club funds. Thanks to Ron and Hazel for all their hard work with the raffle. Dawn's carols were enhanced by Geoff and A.J.'s singing. Jacqueline's quiz got the brain cells working aided by plenty of liquid refreshment served up by Woody and Chris.  A lovely 'M.B.C.' social event which countered much of the negativity which fills the news and set us up for Christmas..

Above all thank you to all those who attended and took a covid test to ensure the safety of us all.

From January 2022 the teams will be TRIPS. If a team cannot raise 3 players from their five they will have to play with the number who turn up or forfeit the game - no more borrowing players.

see the revised dates below